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      Michaela Davis Meehan

      Freeride Snowboarding





      Michaela leads an enviable double-life between the beach and the mountains. Micheala's parents have always been keen skiers, taking her and her brother on trips to the snow from Newcastle each year. At this point she started with Perisher Winter Sports Club as a teenager, where she competed in slope style for many years until someone suggested she should try a Freeride event. After winning her first event in NZ, she was quickly hooked and the invite to join the FWT came quickly afterwards. Today she is living her dream, moving inbetween Australia and Europe to surf and ride, she is the only Aussie ever to win a stop on the Freeride World Tour with the goal of becoming the World Champ. Having secured 2nd place overall in 2020, her rookie year on the tour, Michaela is only just getting started.

      Get to Know Michaela

      Date of Birth 5th January 1992
      Hometown Newcastle, Australia
      Favourite riding spot? Nendaz and Livigno
      Favourite trick? Backside 3 tail grab
      Favourite food? Sushi!

      Career Highlights

      2020 2nd Place overall, Freeride World Tour
      2020 1st Place, FWT Ordino Arcalis
      2020 2nd Place , Freeride World Tour
      Hakuba, Japan
      2020 2nd Place, FWT, Fieberbrunn


      SunGod, The North Face, NFPD, Twelve Board Store

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